About Preeta

As a Wholeness Coach, I will handhold you to experience harmony, show you the way to be fearless, and empower you with self-love.


I believe, suffering is a choice, and you can choose to make the right choices. I will teach you how easy it is to pause and change the gaze from being a victim to a victor. 


With self-care and effective processes, independence from suffering or limitations can be achieved and I will guide you on how you can do it with ease. 


Coaching, Healing, Meditations, Retreats, Virtual Workshops, Self-Mastery sessions, and many more courses, I customise them all for you. Let’s fly together to your new horizon.

One Soul, Many Hats.

ICF Coach specializing in Emotional Transformation

Certified Sound Healer and Gong Master

Practitioner of Energy Medicine by Donna Eden

Advanced Ho’oponopono Facilitator

Guided Meditation & Breathwork Facilitator

Practitioner of Tapping Technique

Certified Sivananda Yoga Teacher

Intuitive Tarot Card Reader

Caregiver Coach

Animal Communicator

Life has handpicked a Personalized Course for you.
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It’s Time to Welcome Wholeness in your Life

For your Relationships

For your Finance

For your Career

For your Health

Personal/Spiritual Growth

Spirituality came to my life when I hit rock bottom. My teachings as a Wholeness Coach comes from a lifetime of lessons and lived experiences. From a very young age, I have been an individualist, and non-conformist. 

After a long professional run as a computer programmer, teacher, and marketing and product strategist, I decided to change the course of my life. Travel played a big part in my spiritual journey. 

I learnt about Nature Healing and Sound Healing in some of the most spiritual destinations in India like Rishikesh, Kerala, and Auroville. 

I specialised in Sound Healing and conducted my very first session in 2018. I have since conducted over 250 individual and group Sound Healing Journeys. I was part of the team at the All-night Gong Bath Sessions at the International Yoga Festival 2020 at Rishikesh, attended by over 200 people and at Gurgaon, attended by 100 people, where Gongs were played for 450 minutes non-stop. 

My practices also include Yoga, Breathwork, Energy work, and Healing. The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown pushed the sleeve further. I again reinvented myself to pivot to newer relevant programs that have got intangible results.

I work very closely with women, who have gone through periods of emotional turmoil and delusion in their lives. With my healing practices and guidance, they have found solutions within themselves enhancing the quality of life. Happiness, Harmony, and Health has been restored. Anxiety, depression and stress have become strangers. With tangible, emotional, and holistic improvements, they are now living their choice of being a victor.