Short Courses Online

Tap the Pain Away

Love Your Breath

Declutter Your Mind

Heal Your Sleep, Heal Your Stress

Each is a 4-hour, online short course with a maximum of 12 Participants per batch and a Bonus of 7 days of Daily Guidance on WhatsApp

Tap the Pain Away

Do you suffer from a stubborn pain in your body that refuses to go despite medicines, tests, and consultations? Or are you going through a period of mental and emotional anguish or disturbance? Do you have deep emotional fears, phobias, or addiction to suffering?

With the ‘Tap the Pain Away’ Course, you will release some of the biggest stressors inside the body to cure physical pain and emotional anguish.

Learn the importance of 12 Meridian points in the body

Manage and cure your chronic physical body and joint pains

Get rid of your deepest emotional fears and addictions

Experience Lightness and Expansion of your Energy

Love Your Breath

Do you live in a constant state of panic that something bad is about to happen? Do you think stress and uneasiness are stopping you from living your best life? 

If this sounds familiar, the Love Your Breath workshop is a session meant for you to help you overcome your negative emotions and lead a better life.

Make your breath, your biggest weapon against anxiety and depression

Achieve emotional well-being through right breathing techniques

Help your body recuperate from pent-up stress and tension

Breathe and facilitate calm and clarity. Let go of worry.

Declutter Your Mind

Do you experience intrusive thoughts that you try to silence, but are unsuccessful? Do you feel weighed down by these uncontrollable thoughts? 

Our cabinets and cupboards need de-cluttering from time to time, so do our minds. Get effective tools to clear the mental chatter and sweep off brain cobwebs.

Let go of thoughts that turn your mental space into a chaotic one

Get the much-needed clarity with journaling and master prioritization

Stay focused, motivated, productive, and make better decisions

Any moldy thoughts and emotions catching dust in your mental closet?

Heal Your Sleep, Heal Your Stress

Did you know that the lack of or disturbed sleep is the first sign that our body is suffering? 

In the never-ending battle for achieving our goals, we often forget to take care of our bodies. While we might appear to be fit and healthy, our exhaustion is manifesting in different ways. 

Cure disturbed, incomplete sleep or insomnia

Boost your immune system, improve memory, and enhance mood

Get clarity in your thoughts and improve concentration and productivity

Activate your vagus nerve, move from the sympathetic to parasympathetic state with ease.