Sound Bath

Meditation Course

Guided Meditation

Sound Bath

Do you feel anxious and restless most of the time? Do you find yourself stressing out over simple situations and problems? Is it difficult for you to relax?

Give Sound Bath a try. Based on the Tibetan technique of Sound Healing, Sound Bath is for those who want to experience emotional peace and tranquility.

The Himalayan singing bowls and gongs will help you;

Harmonize the cells and balance the body's energy system

Help you better manage health conditions and provide pain relief

Improve sleep, lower blood pressure, and stimulate the immune system


Allow the vibrations of the sacred sounds to bring tranquility and heal you.

21-Day Basic Meditation Course

Do you find meditation difficult or maybe you have never given it a try? The 21-Day Basic Meditation course is designed to make it a part of your daily life. 

Meditation is training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts to create a positive mood and outlook.

Regular practice will help you;

Reduce stress levels and improve the immune system

Reduce negative thoughts, sleep better, and improve memory

Get mental clarity to help you make better decisions


Enhance your self-awareness and help yourself grow into your best self

Guided Meditation

Have you been told to meditate but find it a difficult task? Is it challenging for you to concentrate and reach a meditative state? Do not worry, the guided meditations will make it easy for you to refocus your mind.

These meditations are personalized and instill awareness of the present moment. 

You will;

Sharpen your focus and attention, improve your memory

Create a sense of peace, calm, and inner harmony

Release anxiety and replace it with self-love and self-care


Build a deeper connection with self and empower yourself with a life of joy.