Coaching with Preeta

Do you feel stuck in a life situation and want to take charge of life?

Do you feel there is more to life and you want to live to the fullest?

Do you want any of your relationship, health, or financial situations to be resolved?

Suffering is an unconscious choice we make. We all have in us, a capacity to move from emotional suffering to emotional empowerment. When we surrender, a new consciousness radiates in, where life flows through without any resistance. 

We together will energetically raise your vibration through powerful practices. You will discover and challenge disempowering beliefs, get access to simple yet effective tools. It’s time now to improve your mental and emotional well-being.

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Learn instant solutions and techniques to overcome anxiety and stress

Navigate your life situation with ease and achieve sustainable positive change

Create a life of abundance and happy relations with self-care and self-work

Empower yourself from the state of victimhood to victorhood

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3 Month Personal Transformation

12 online (1:1) sessions in 3 months

6 Month Personal Transformation

24 online (1:1) sessions in 6 months

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Minimum 4 online (1:1) sessions