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Forgiveness is but a gift to myself

Janet, a single mother, lived with her three-year-old son post her divorce. The divorce had had a huge impact on her and bruised her indelibly. She chose the separation from her partner to end distress. But, distress was still part of her life…what was blocking her happiness?

Though Janet had made a shift physically, emotionally & energetically she was still connected with her rage, resentment and desire for retaliation.

We are the creators of our own reality; we manifest what we focus on. Holding onto the anger and misery, feelings with very low vibrational frequencies, we end up creating a similar energy pattern for ourselves. Janet was also now stuck in the loop of holding onto grudge, and hence manifesting toxicity into her life. 

A friend seeing Janet suffer suggested, “Perhaps, you should consider forgiving him”.

“But why? If anything, he deserves punishment.” responded Janet.

“Do it for your own good”,  the friend said. 

Janet brushed the thought aside. She couldn’t, could she? And why should she forgive and let him off the hook? He deserved to suffer. 

But, was he suffering or was she suffering too?

Why Forgive?

Trekking uphill with a bag of debris? Will it make your trek easier or unnecessarily tougher? Similarly anger, resentment, grudge, guilt, shame cause emotional exhaustion, deplete energies, and make life’s journey a drag. 

Forgiveness is nothing but cleansing all these heavy, dense feelings.

Forgiveness is not condoning the actions of the ‘other’

Forgiveness is releasing the ‘I have been wronged’ thought.

Would you ever hold burning embers in your closed fist? 

Why then hold resentment, anger and depleting emotions?

Release Yourself 

Forgiveness is “I am willing to give myself and the other person a chance to let go and heal”. It is breaking that low energy ties between the victim and the perpetrator. It’s less about the other person and more about yourself.

Perhaps it’s the best gift you can give yourself.

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