Wholeness Coach Preeta

For the Agnostic, Sceptic and Doubting

We are all sceptics. To begin with. Till we miraculously stumble upon it. Experience it. View a flicker of it. Taste its essence.

What appears to be woowoo, airy-fairy, new-agey and hocus-pocus to our strong rational, analytical and worldly-wise mind, suddenly does some magic, shifts something subtle, makes life lighter. That lets a sliver of light enter the dark folds of the closed all-knowing mind. If it hasn’t happened to you, yet. Trust me, it will. Sooner. Later. Whenever.

Try sitting with a plan to work on some creative idea. Meticulously set-up the ambience. The coffee and the cookies et al. And wait. Does the idea pop?

Now try this. Set your intention for whatever it is you need to achieve. And then bring the focus of the mind to your breath. Travel in and out, up and down with it. Mind wanders, bring it back to the breath. And to the intention you set. Do it gently, softly, deeply. Do it to a count of 3 in, 2 pause, 5 out. Do it for upto 5 complete breaths. No questions asked. None answered. Gently return to the task at hand. What happens? You may wish to share in comments.

Mind, we believe, knows it all. What the mind knows not, we declare is farcical. Truthfully, however, the Mind knows what it knows. What is truly ‘beyond the mind’, can only be known by a wisdom which is beyond the mind. This wisdom lies nowhere else but in the bio-energetic field & in the cellular memory of the physical body. The conscious mind is what we acknowledge; the subconscious and unconscious minds are however the greater part. Wisdom lies in there.

Healing, is a natural process. The body has the power to heal itself if the conditions are conducive. Willingness & intention to heal and be healed. An attitude of gratitude and acceptance. The owning of responsibility for the self and our sufferings. Surrender to the greater wisdom.

Whether it is sound, energy, movement, arts…all heal. When done from a space of acceptance, healing is deeper and .

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