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Expressing, Feeling, Releasing – Emotions

Do you feel every emotion or do you clamp it down? Do you express truthfully what you truly feel deep within or do you suppress most of it and only express what appears acceptable? Do you hold on to the emotions and its residue till cows come home?

Most people do not feel, express or release emotions truly. Fault is in our role models, conditioning and education. Emotions are labelled. Good. Bad. Negative. Positive. We are also taught not to be transparent, so we master camouflage and subterfuge.

Faculty members from Auro University was attending a seminar in Auroville during my stay there in mid 2019. I was offered the opportunity to take 3 short experiential sessions on dealing with emotions.

I used 3 tools that I have found effective. First was Laughter Yoga. Next was EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique. Final was Sound Healing.

Have you tried any of these? The group had not.

Laughtersession was to say the least hilarious. Most of us do not take laughter seriously. We may smile, chuckle or laugh a bit but a full bodied laughter we rarely, if ever, do. In laughter yoga we do different exercises to initiate laughter and sustain it for anywhere between 30-45 minutes. Laughter energises, invigorates the whole body and shakes out stuck emotions from energetic crevices. The session may even bring out tears for some. This release is therapeutic and cathartic.

Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT is a tapping technique on meridian points on the body which allows stuck fears, phobias and anxieties to release and flow.

Sound Healing is a modality which creates a sound vortex of frequencies and allows the bio-energy field and cells to resonate and align to their fundamental notes. This deep and laser sharp technique slows the brain-wave activity from beta to alpha and delta frequencies and allows the body to relax, release and rejuvenate effortlessly what otherwise would be a very effortful process.

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