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The Vibrational Frequency of Gratitude

One simple healing practice that can take you from a frown to smile in a split second. 

If you are experiencing uneasy emotions, lack of energy, low self-esteem, or feeling fearful at all times. Here’s one simple practice that can create a 360-degree shift in the way you feel.

A practice that takes no extra time, effort, or dedicated space. Can be done anywhere, anytime. Sounds too good to be true? Read on and you will be as amazed as I was when I first learned about this practice.

A simple practice of Gratitude can heal you and instantaneously attract a lot of positive energy. Gratitude is not just uttering the words, Thank You…theres more to it.


Based on the Law of Quantum Physics, we already know that everything in the universe is made of energy which vibrates at varied frequencies. Likewise, Every cell in our body has a subtle vibration of its own.

Naturally, we are born with a very high vibrational frequency. But, as we live life, we go through different experiences. These can cause the vibrational frequency of the cell to go out of tune. When a cluster of these cells go out of tune, we suffer through various aches, diseases or Illnesses.


Now the big question is how do we attune these cells to its resonant frequency to live a highly energetic life?

The list of practices is endless and practicing Gratitude is one of them. Gratitude is the simplest, most powerful healing practice.

When you look at the chart of vibrational frequency for different emotions and practices. If the vibrational frequency at death is 0 and at the highest level of consciousness it’s 1000, a simple practice of gratitude has a vibrational frequency of 900, Isn’t that amazing? A simple shift in mindset can do wonders to being.


This brings us to another law, i.e. Law of attraction. The vibration you feel is the vibration you attract. When you feel grateful for all things in life, you will attract more things of similar vibrational frequency. So imagine naturally attracting happiness, joy, appreciation, abundance just with one simple practice of gratitude? Sounds miraculous right.

But it takes consistent practice and time to create these thought patterns where even in a disastrous situation you are focusing on the good things.


All it takes is just a few moments in a day to focus on all the good things. Maintain a journal if you have to and especially on a gloomy day, find at least one thing to be grateful for and focus your energy towards it.

Your Energy creates your Reality, what you focus on is what you will manifest in life. So isn’t it worth aligning your energy with good thoughts to manifest good deeds.

In fact, you can start right here by leaving a like or a comment and showing gratitude towards this article 😉

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